About Me

I have more than a decade of professional experience as a writer and editor. I began my career as an editorial assistant for the Journal of Polymer Science and went on to work in film and television. I worked on children’s television programs for Bohbot Entertainment/BKN Kids Network and spent six years as an executive for Platinum Studios, a Hollywood entertainment company developing film, television, and interactive media franchises based on comic books. In that role, I set the creative direction for new stories, characters, and concepts while working extensively with screenwriters and producers to adapt existing properties for other media. I also led the creation of pitches and marketing material.

Since 2008, I have worked as a freelance writer/editor and writing consultant for clients in a variety of industries. I am the associate editor of Working Nurse, a monthly magazine covering nursing-related news and issues, and the owner of Ate Up With Motor, an automotive history website that won the Society of Automotive Historians‘ 2012 E.P. Ingersoll Award for excellence in non-print media. I also write fiction.

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For the record, I, Aaron Severson dba (doing business as) 6200 Productions, am based in Los Angeles, California.

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