Do Not Sell My Personal Information

How to Opt Out of Sale of Your Personal Information

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), beginning January 1, 2020, California residents have the right to opt out of the sale of personal information about them or their household, such as (though not limited to) their name, postal or email address, and other personally identifying information. You need not be physically present in California to exercise this right provided that you have a current California residence.

This right is subject to certain exemptions. For example, the law does not apply to information that has been aggregated and/or de-identified such that it could not reasonably be used to identify you. It also does not apply to information that we share with third-party service providers in order for them to perform certain business functions for us.

While we believe 6200 Productions does not technically meet any of the applicability thresholds specified by this California law, we are committed to providing visitors with as many privacy choices as we reasonably can.

If you would like to opt out, or to exercise the other rights provided by the CCPA, such as the right to access or delete your personal information, you may contact us using the form below. (If you would like to make multiple requests — e.g., to request access to your data as well as requesting to opt out — you can submit this form more than once.)

Privacy Request Form for California Residents

Opt Out of the Sale of My Personal InformationRequest Access to My Personal InformationRequest Deletion of My Personal Information

If you cannot or prefer not to use this form, you can send us postal mail at the following address:

Aaron Severson
11100 National Bl. #3
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Alternatively, you can send direct email to admin (at) 6200productions (dot) com.

Data access and deletion requests can also be submitted through the Privacy Tools page.

Please note that, in order to better safeguard your privacy and the privacy of others, we may (to the extent permitted — and/or required — by applicable law/regulation) ask you to provide additional information to verify your identity and/or residency before processing any data-related requests.

(To learn more about what kinds of information we gather, see the Privacy Policy.)

Updated: October 3, 2019 — 3:34 am